Speed up Android Phone instantly using these methods

Tricks to Speed up Android Phone

Are you tired of using an android phone that stuck when you do something important. are you guys tired of a phone that hangs too much. are you guys tired of waiting when using an android phone? you are at right place if you are looking for Tricks to Speed up Android Phone.

Do you want to Speed up the Android phone? of course, who wants a slow smartphone. Luckily I am here for you, compiled a List of 15 Tricks to Speed up Android Phone

so before you buy a new SmartPhone, check out my 15 Tricks to Speed up Android Phone in 5 Minutes… yes 5 minutes! Not a Big deal. so let’s get started.

15 Ways to Speed up Android Phone in 5 Minutes (Sections)

#1 Clear Cached Data (30 Seconds)

Cached Data contains small files that are constantly created by Apps installed on Android. this will improve the performance and make the apps to start quickly. The browser also uses cache to improve performance.

Whenever you are on a device with low storage the cache data will have a negative impact on the performance of the device. causes your device to slow down. To solve this issue you have to clear the cache data and make a fresh start.

for clearing cache data,

  1. go to Settings using App drawer (Menu)
  2. navigate to the Storage or You can also search for “Cache” from the “search” on top of the settings page.
  3. under Storage, Navigate to Cached Data. Tap on it to clear and then tap OK.

Tricks to Speed up Android PhoneSpeed up Android Phone

here you are done with cached data.

#2 Remove Bloatware (1 Minute)

There is a bunch of Apps came pre-installed with your Android phone. these Apps are bloatware. Most of these apps are of no use because you have a Better alternative to these apps. These apps constantly Run in background and use a huge amount of RAM and CPU resources. this will slow down your phone and also Drain battery faster.

To improve Android performance, you need to uninstall these apps or ( in some cases you can’t uninstall bloatware) Disable them.

To Uninstall Bloatware,

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Navigate to Apps and then All Apps Tab
  3. here find the app that you Don’t Use.
  4. Tap on App from list
  5. Click Uninstall and then click OK.

Tricks Android Phone

#3 Uninstall Apps you Don’t Use (1 Minute)

We have a lot of Apps on our Android Phone. These Apps uses RAM and CPU resources continuously to RUN in Background. Some of these apps are those we Don’t use now and Removing these apps can free up RAM and CPU resources and Storage. This will Speed up Android experience considerably.

To Un-install Such Apps,

  1. Go to App Drawer (Menu)
  2. Navigate to Apps you don’t use.
  3. Long Press on App icon
  4. Drag it to Uninstall

15 Tricks to Speed up Android Phone

#4 Try lite version of Apps

in our daily life, Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are things that we use most on our device. but these Apps are so Heavy and Consumes High CPU resources.

if you are using low-end hardware, this can make Android Slow. to Speed up Android you can try Lite version of these apps. they may have fewer features but they also consume less Storage, fewer Resources. this makes the Android faster.

Tricks to Speed up Android Phone

#5 Free up space (1 Minute)

in our Android device, we store Photos, Videos, Install Apps and all these things consume device storage. your device storage is also a factor in your device performance. your device needs enough storage to breathe, to create temporary files, to create cache data for smoother performance.

if your device is low on storage, there will be a problem in creating system files and will make your device slow. to solve this issue

  • Delete all useless photos and Videos
  • Delete Files that you don’t need
  • Use a File management App like FilesGo

files go app download

#6 Clean your home screen (30 Seconds)

do you have a lot of Apps and widgets on your Home Screen? These Apps and widgets on the Home screen make it a lot easier to use a phone without much effort and also saves our Time. all you need to tap an icon to use a feature or App. Using a Live wallpaper is also a feature that most people like on Android.

using these widgets can be useful but after some time they can Slow down the entire device. so you should avoid these widgets and keep Home screen Clean. To remove any Widget or App,

  1. Long press the Widget you wish to remove
  2. Drag it to Remove icon and release or ( choose to remove option in some devices )

#7 Try a different Launcher

The launcher has so much to do with Home Screen and widgets. if your current Launcher (App that manages Home Screen and App Drawer) is filled with animations than it will be better to switch to a lightweight launcher and that offers a cleaner UI. this can improve Android performance significantly.

Initially, you can try Google Launcher

google launcher tricks

#8 Reduce Animations (30 Seconds)

Animations on your device look beautiful. it gives a smooth feel while transitions and interaction with the device. all this looks good until your device becomes slow because of these animations. as Android becomes slow these animations will make our experience worst. if animations are not doing well anymore, Turning them off will be a better option as it will look better and free some resources.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap “About Phone
  3. Tap Build Number “7 Times” to enable Developer Options
  4. Go back to Settings and navigate to Developer Options
  5. Navigate to Windows Animation Scale and select “Animation Off”
  6. Repeat the last step with the Transition animation scale.

how to enable developer modehow to enable developer modeTricks to Speed Android Phone

#10 Enable Force GPU Rendering (10 Seconds)

There is another Option in the Developer menu that you can use to get better performance. Go to Force GPU Rendering and Enable it. it will force to use GPU power by some programs that are currently not taking advantage of it. this will enhance Graphical experience and at the same Time Reduce Bulk from CPU.

force gpu rendering

#11 Don’t use RAM Management and Battery Saver Apps

Do you use any App that claiming to Increase RAM or to increase Battery Backup? These are the apps that you installed to free up RAM or Saving Battery, itself Consume a huge amount of RAM and CPU Resources.

this will finally increase the burden on the CPU. this will heat-up the device and Drain more Battery. finally, make Android Slow. Every single App you Install will Slow Down your phone. especially if you are on a low-end Android Phone, Installing these apps really slow down your phone.

Some of these Apps are filled with harmful scripts that can harm your device or even steal your Data. so Avoid these type of Fake Apps.

# 12 Reboot Phone once in a day or two (30 Seconds)

a Simple yet Effective fix to slow Android Phones is to Restart them once in two or three days. this will kill all the unnecessary processes and free up the RAM. it can make your device to Run Smoothly Again.

To Reboot Android, Long Press Power Button and select Reboot. this will restart android.

#13 Update your device firmware

Do you ignore every time notification comes to Update your Device? an Update is not always about new features, Most of the times it is here to fix some critical BUG. Updating your device to latest firmware can Optimise your device and you can get most out of its resources. so if you fell your device is running slow, you should update it.

To update your Device,

  • Go to Settings
  • Navigate To “About Phone”
  • Select System Update to check if there is an Update Available for your device.

#14 Update your Apps

Like Firmware, updating Apps can also improve the performance of your device. as a new update will fix some bugs and hence there is a possibility of Improvement in performance of the device.

#15 Do a Factory reset

if Nothing works for You out of all of the Above methods, then Factory Reset is the last option for you. it will Delete All Data and reset all settings to factory defaults. Before Going for this step, Backup all your Personal data like Photos, Videos, songs etc. and then Go to Settings and Navigate to “Back Up & reset” then Select Factory Data reset and you are Done.


let me quickly Sum-up all the things you have to do,

the first thing you should do is Clear your cache and Free up space. you can do this with an App like FilesGo.

if you still face a problem, try to Uninstall Apps, especially those which you don’t need or that came pre-installed with Phone.

after this go ahead with Developer Options, like Force GPU Render and Turn of Animations

Factory Reset is the Last option you can go with, and Take the backup of all your data before doing a factory reset.

So this is from my side, I’ve considered all things that you can do with your Android phone to make it Run faster while compiling my article for Tricks to Speed up Android Phone in 5 Minutes. this guide, we focused on Tricks to Speed up Android Phone without rooting.

tell me which method worked best for you in Comments.

if you have any query, feel free to ask me in comments, I’ll get back to you.

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