Use these chrome extensions to improve Productivity

Use these chrome extensions to improve Productivity 1

Google Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser. it offers user-friendly experience it offers to its users.

this interface can be further made more useful by adding extensions available on Chrome web store.we have compiled a list of 12 Best Chrome Extensions you must try to enhance your experience.

Extensions used to extend the features, bring Chrome Browser in the more efficient way in front of you.

To make your experience with Google chrome more delightful, we have created a list of 12 Best chrome extensions you must try.

12 Best Chrome Extensions you must try

Google dictionary

Google dictionary is one of the best extensions offered by Google. it enables you to see the meaning of any word in any language in your language.

12 Best Chrome Extensions you must try

you just need to double click on a word you want to translate into your language. Google Dictionary can translate almost Any language for you. Show the meaning in the form of a pop-up.

You can change your desired language by going to its options page. here you can also tweak the way it works.

Get it (here)

Checker Plus for Gmail

The next extension in our list of 12 Best Chrome Extensions is Checker Plus for Gmail. it is one of the best extensions in the Chrome Web Store. it offers you the functionality to access all your e-Mails from the chrome extension bar.

checher plus gmail

this add-on will offer you to Read, Send or delete e-mails. you can also search for e-mails using this extension enter. this makes your access to G-mail faster and easier.

Get it (here)


FireShot is one of those extensions available on the chrome web store. it offers you to take a screenshot of the entire webpage in your desired format such as PDF, PNG or JPEG.

fireshot google chrome

it can capture the full webpage, visible part of the page or you can also make a selection.  this addon also works with a hotkey combination. you can capture the entire page by pressing Ctrl + Shift+Y keys.

Get it (here)


Grammarly is a text typing enhancement tool available on the Chrome web store. Grammarly offers you to check and correct the grammatical error in realtime you made while typing.

12 Best Chrome Extensions you must try

Grammarly highlights the errors in so you can see your typing errors and mistakes. then improve them with the suggestion made by this addon.

this addon also gives statistical data about grammatical errors you made.

Get it (here)


HOXX VPN is one of the best VPN extension available on Chrome web store. it offers you one-click access to VPN servers in different countries. the best thing is that there is no bandwidth limit with HOXX.

12 Best Chrome Extensions you must try

All you need to create a HOXX account using your email id. you will be able to take access to one of the best VPN and that is with the freedom to choose your desired country or server.

Get it (here)


Wikipedia is one of the best websites for gaining knowledge about any topic.the problem is that the look and feel of Wikipedia are boring for some peoples. We have an extension called WIKIWAND to solve this problem. this addon brings Wikipedia in an attractive way.

wikiwand google chrome extension

it features a sidebar gives you access to different sections of the page for easy navigation. all you need to do is just install the addon from the chrome web store and you are done.

this addon has a really cool feature,  you can search for the meaning of a word by pressing the control key and clicking that word. you can also get detail about any URL by pressing control, shift keys and clicking that URL link.

Get it (here)

Sticky Notes

Sticky Note is an extension that offers you to make quick notes while browsing your favorite websites using the chrome extension bar.

12 Best Chrome Extensions you must try

You can create notes, Plan your schedule with a to-do feature, or use it as a clipboard. this extension supports themes hence you can customize the look and feel of the addon.

Get it (here)

Super History and Cache Cleaner

Super History and Cache Cleaner‘ is one of the useful plugins available on the Chrome web store. this add-on enables you to clear History, Cache, Cookies on a single click. you can control the data you want to clear using the options page.

This add-on lets you choose the period for which you want to clear history. it gives you an option for only deleting selected parts of history.

Get it (here)

Allow Copy

Some websites prevent you from copying text. to solve this problem we have an extension for you available on Chrome web store called Allow Copy. This addon allows you to copy text from such sites. all you have to do is, Install this extension and then simply click its icon. and BOOM! Now you can copy text.

Get it (here)

Turn off  the lights

Turn off the lights is one of useful and easy to use addon available on Chrome web store. it is used to turn light off when a video is playing. this will allow you to focus on the video only and improves the viewing experience.

all you have to is, install this addon and you are done. every time you watch a movie, click its icon and lights will turn off.

Get it (here)

Chrono Download Manager

Chrono Download Manager is the best download manager you can use with Google Chrome. the best thing about this addon is its speed. it offers good speed even with the low-speed sites.  it supports Resume facility which makes it more use useful with chrome.

Get it (here)

12 Best Chrome Extensions you must try

these were the 12 Best Chrome Extensions you must try to get most out of Google Chrome. we have tried to cover all useful extensions for Google Chrome. if you feel any useful extension is left behind, please let us know and we’ll add it to the list. which addon do you find most useful? tell us below.worldwebwall


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