Laptop Buying Guide 2019 – 10 things to consider before buying a Laptop

Laptop Buying Guide 2019 - 10 things to consider before buying a Laptop 1

Are you buying a new Laptop? Are you looking for a Laptop that can fulfill all your day to day needs? Don’t worry, we are here for you. We have compiled the list of top 10 things to consider before buying a Laptop.

Hi everyone, my name is Shivam. in this article I will tell you 10 things to consider before buying a Laptop. So, guys, let’s get started.

10 things to consider before buying a Laptop (Sections)

10 things to consider before buying a Laptop

#1 Pick a Screen Size

Screen Size is the First thing you need to think about when you buy a Laptop.

Choosing the right screen size becomes more important as Weight, Battery life & Portability depend on it.

Do you want a laptop that is Portable and lightweight or you have to travel a lot?

Laptop macbook screen

11 inches to 13 inches Laptops are best for you. these laptops are so light-weight in design weighs under 2Kgs.

if you are a student or a casual user then the most suitable size for you is 15.6 inches.

it’s a perfect balance between usability and portability. these laptops weigh under 2.5Kgs. in my case, I prefer a 15.6 inches laptop.

Do you have more to do with Gaming, Graphics Designing, Video Editing or other graphics-intensive tasks?

17 Inches laptops are perfect for you.

#2 Select a Processor

after selecting the right size for you, the next thing you need to look for is a good Processor.

when it comes to the processor, Intel and AMD are the two major options that you have.

Intel Processors offers Better Processing performance. Intel CPU runs Cooler than AMD Processors.

it also offers a Better Battery life than AMD.

AMD Processors are well known for their Better Graphics performance offers you Best Gaming performance.

AMD Chipsets are Cheaper than Intel for same features. You can get a good AMD powered Laptop under 30K but for a Good Intel-based Laptop you have to spend more than 35K.

which processor to consider before buying a Laptop

I recommend to chose an Intel processor-based laptop.

for Normal usage, Internet browsing and casual gaming Intel i3 is the best choice.

for High-performance usage like Video editing, High-End Gaming and PhotoShop intel i5 or i7 are preferred. intel i7 will offer a better Battery life than i5 and i3 processors.

#3 RAM: Higher is better

the next thing you need to Select is RAM. Buy a Laptop with at least 4 GB RAM.

if you are buying a laptop for basic, Day to day use like watching movies and browsing the Internet. you should go with 4 GB of RAM.

if you are buying a Laptop for Heavy usage like gaming, photoshop, video editing than 8 GB RAM is a minimum RAM that you should buy. I would suggest you go with at least 16 GB RAM.

how much RAM to have in a Laptop

The laptops with 4 GB RAM are starts from 20,000 whereas you have to spend at least 35,000 for an 8 GB RAM variant.

one thing you should ensure that laptop should have 2 RAM Slots, so you can easily upgrade RAM in the future.

#4 Battery Life: Higher is better

Laptops are made for Portability and Mobility. when it comes to Portability, Battery life is one of the major things that you need to consider.

Battery life becomes more important if you are going to travel a lot. not every time you are going to get a power socket next to you.

there are laptops in the market offering battery life as high as 12 hours.

Small size laptops offer more battery life as compared to a larger one.

best laptops with good battery

You can easily get 4 to 7 Hours of Battery juice from a 15.6 inches laptop while a 13 inches laptop can last for 11 hours easily due to highly efficient hardware.

Battery life is Comparatively less on Gaming PC due to High power Graphics and a Larger display.

To get the best battery life, ensure that you buy a laptop with the latest 8th Generation of Intel Processors.

#5 Type of Storage: SSD vs HDD

The type of Storage you choose plays an active role in the Performance of Laptop and that’s why its here in our list of 10 things to consider before buying a Laptop

SSDs will offer you a faster OS Boot time, Smooth Gaming performance. The price you pay for this performance is also higher than HDDs.

on the other hand, HDD is not as fast and powerful as SSDs but at the same time, you have to pay less for HDD storage.

if you are a student or a user with normal usage, casual gaming, and Photoshop, HDD is perfect for you.

ssd vs hdd which is to consider before buying a Laptop

SSD is an option if you want High-Performance Laptop for Gaming and Graphics intensive tasks.

The budget you need for SSD Laptop is more than 45,000 whereas HDD Laptop starts from 17,000 onwards.

One more thing about SSDs is that they come in smaller Storage size options (normally up to 512GB).

on the other hand, HDDs are available in larger size options of up to 2TB.

so if you are going to store a lot of stuff on your Laptop, HDD is a better option.

#6 Dedicated Graphics: For Gamers

The next thing you need to Consider is Graphics.

If you are a user with normal Day-to-day usage. you don’t need Dedicated Graphics.

you can easily play games like GTA or Asphalt with Integrated Graphics.

graphics AMD vs Nvidia to consider before buying a Laptop

If you want to play Heavy Games and other Graphics intensive tasks like editing 4K videos on your laptop.

you should take a laptop with Dedicated Graphics from AMD or Nvidia.

Before selecting Graphics, I suggest you have a look at Benchmark scores of that particular GPU.

#7 Select right Display Quality

The size of Display isn’t everything, other factors like perfect Resolution, Anti-glare Coating, Better viewing angles can bring our experience to the next level.

If you are going to use a laptop for watching movies, playing Games, working on Photoshop, Editing Videos then a Full HD 1920*1080 display will be a better choice.

for all other normal tasks, HD display works fine.

If you tend to use a laptop in Outdoor condition and Direct Sunlight then

a normal display can cause frustrating reflections. Anti-Glare Display will give you better viewing experience in such situations.

#8 Backlight vs Normal Keyboard

While buying a laptop, you can choose between a Backlight Keyboard and a Normal keyboard.

if you use a laptop till late at night than having a backlight can help you a lot.

this feature will cost you extra money as these keyboards normally come with high-end laptops.

backlight keyboard vs normal before buying new laptop

#9 Choose Operating System

Selecting the right operating system is one of the most important things as it can change the way you interact with PC.

You can choose between Windows, MAC or Linux.

Windows is the most popular OS in the world due to its extreme compatibility.

a large number of Apps and Games available for windows.

it is easy to use and can be used by all types of users like Gamers, Students or Casual users.

Apple macOS is another option that you can choose but it is only available with Apple Macbook

while Linux is an Open Source OS and you can get it for free. it offers support to a wide range of PCs.

#10 Traditional Vs 2-in-1 Convertible PC

Laptops are now become more interesting and packed with useful features like Touchscreen, Convertible design.

if you can spend a little more, you will end up buying a Laptop with a Touch Screen and a 360-degree convertible design.

with 2-in-1 Laptop, you can take advantage of the Power of a Laptop and Simplicity of a Tablet. this makes it more user-friendly.

top convertible pc vs top end normal vs touchscreen laptop


Having a laptop becomes a need and Choosing the right laptop is not an easy task because of so many options in the market.

this is from our side to help you in choosing the best laptop for you,

we have compiled a list of 10 things to consider before buying a Laptop. 

We, at GadgetShala, discussed all the things that you need to consider before buying a laptop with our team and specialists.

I advise you to think about all these factors before buying a laptop and also read reviews about the laptop you are going to buy.

this will help you in buying the best laptop.

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10 things to consider before buying a Laptop